Black Pearl Leather
Black Pearl LeatherBlack Pearl Leather
Wendy Mignot
"Each piece is perfectly imperfect and thereby unique." says Wendy of the pearls. "They are organic, they mold themselves to your body. They need to be real. Pearls shouldn't just be saved for that special occasion once or twice a year. They need to get out. They need to breath and go swimming in the coean."

PEARLS. They are the oldest know gem and considered to be symbols of wisdom, truth, purity, and faith. At Wendy Mignot Gallery artist Wendy and Jean-Noel Mignot have put a twist on the once traditional strand of pearls. Wendy wraps and knots them with soft (yet extremely durable) leather that Jean-Noel cuts and rolls by hand. Everything used to create their jewelry comes from the ocean and earth: Authentic Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, Freshwater pearls, shells and seaglass.

Wendy and Jean-Noel met in St. Thomas, USVI in 1994. After sailing around the Caribbean for years they decided to start a family. They lived on their sailboat which took them to such places as Aruba, St, Barts, the Bahamas and Panama, Central America where their two children Violeta and Zak were born.

In 2003 their days on the sailboat came to an abrupt end when their boat "ZOYA" was grounded off the coast of North Carolina. Wendy, knowing that all things happen for a reason, was unsure why . . that is until they found themselves in Seaside. They soon opened Cafe Rendez-Vous in Ruskin Place. After much success and in need of a bigger space they opened their flagship gallery JNW Mignot in Central Square. Their one-of-a-kind Jewelry became a trademark of Seaside, a "tracking device" as Wendy calls it. If you are wearing pearls and leather you've been to Seaside.

Meet Wendy and Jean-Noel at JNW Mignot Gallery and she'll soon be draping, wrapping and entwining you with pearls and Jean-Noel will tell you why "Life is Beautiful" in his lovely French accent.

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